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How to Train Your Dragon 2. I saw it a second time and STILL CRIED.

Prooooobably Harry Potter or perhaps the rule of King Henry VIII. I’m pretty knowledgeable on both topics.

I  would probably spend a shit ton of money to get myself to all the celebs I love the most and get hugs from each one of them. I just want hugs. Maybe a kiss on the cheek. That’d be nice.

A tie with all the songs from Nightmare Before Christmas (Hush I know it’s more a touchstone film but whatever) minus the trick or treat song.

100 years in the future. No doubt.

Dude, I’ve read a lot of awful books. I’ll give you some advice my AP Lit teacher gave me: You have to read bad literature in order to understand good literature.

I don’t really have a song but sometimes when I miss my family, (mostly my mom) I listen to these really silly songs like Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport, and You’re a Pink Toothbrush.

I think I’m good at putting my mind to things and (I hope) a good listener.

I think we have a bit of both. There’s some things we just cannot change but in the long run we make our own way through the world. 

Oh no I’m bad at jokes. Let’s see…. A steak pun is a rare medium done well.

I don’t know…….

My 11 questions

  1. What fictional character (any medium) can make you smile no matter the cricumstances?
  2. If you could get a major in anything and know it would be successful, what major would you pick?
  3. What fictional pet do you want?
  4. Last movie to make you laugh so hard you cried?
  5. What’s your favorite hair style?
  6. Who is your favorite Avenger and why?
  7. What are you most excited for in the future?
  8. What is your favorite movie genre?
  9. If you could take anything into the past, what would you take?
  10. Favorite Sean Bean character?
  11. What is your favorite room in your house?

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As a teacher who regularly finds lost erasers I can confirm this


I need to figure out makeup for Punk!Widow but I don’t want to do it while my parents are here and IT’S HARD TO DO THAT WHEN YOUR FATHER IS RETIRED. because I know it’s gonna look a little crazy before I’m done soooo I’m sol for right now.But I want to make sure it looks really good for Otakon

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Well that was awful. Django is totally not up my alley.

Brando’s athleticism was critical to his acting talent; his physical strength and muscular control gave him extraordinary range on stage and screen. Dance lessons with Katherine Dunham when he was a young actor in Manhattan augmented a native flexibility. “He moved like a panther”, according to one fellow actor,and astonished people with his ability to imitate anything - even a cash register.

I’m going to see if I can get through Django: Unchained. I can’t do Tarantino movies normally. I seriously tried Inglorious Bastards about 10 times, and only got through it once. His cinematic style does not go well with me